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Beckatt Webminar

Ready to Learn About Continuous Resin 3D Printing?

Join Us! – Live Webinar

Join us for an interactive webinar showcasing affordable, high-speed, resin-based 3D printing with EnvisionTEC’s Envision One cDLM printer.

The webinar’s focus is to educate viewers on the features, benefits and value of this faster, easier and more accurate method of Continuous Resin 3D Printing.

Experts from EnvisionTEC and Henkel will be on the webinar to answer your questions.


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New - AquaSys

New 3D Printer Material

AquaSys® 120 –
High-Performance Water-Soluble Support Filament

AquaSys 120 is a water-soluble support filament that’s unmatched in the industry. Designed for manufacturers looking to produce more parts in less time, it dissolves faster than any competing material—all while giving complex 3D designs the high-quality support they need.


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PPE for COVID-19

Beckatt Solutions Joins Additive Manufacturing Community in Battle Against COVID-19

Providing 3D Printed Medical Parts and PPE to Hospitals Facing Critical Shortages

Beckatt Solutions stands ready to support hospitals during the COVID-19 pandemic by offering 3D printing of medical supplies and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in short supply…

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3D Printers

Metal 3D Printing

Desktop Metal is reinventing the way engineering and manufacturing teams produce metal parts.

Beckat Solutions

is proud to partner with
Desktop Metal.

Offering printers for metal 3D printing – for in-office printing, and for mass production.

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Professional SLS 3D printers for research, prototyping and production.

Beckat Solutions

is proud to partner with

Your creativity should be given a free rein. Welcome to the world of additive manufacturing!

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Highly complex 3D prints, industrial-grade materials, maximum performance, and future-ready 3D printing.

Beckat Solutions

is proud to partner with

Offering open source 3D printers that empower and inspire.

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For over 15 years, EnvisionTEC has been delivering advanced 3D printers and materials that are Made to Matter.

Beckat Solutions

is proud to partner with

Offering 3D printers for desktop, professional and industrial.

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3D Software

From Idea to Design to Print

It takes great software to maximize your 3D printer’s capabilities. Beckatt Solutions offers various 3D software options for any use and budget. Whether you’re looking to 3D print for advanced industrial uses, rapid prototyping, design or the classroom – we have the expertise to help you select and implement the best software solution for your 3D printing needs.

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3D Services

3D Print Service

Need a 3D print? 
Let’s Innovate!

Beckatt Solutions has in-house capacity to deliver your 3D print request in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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3D for Business

Growth: Through 
3D technology?

Beckatt Solutions has several consultative plans, solutions and services that help launch – or expand – 3D printing in your organization.

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3D for Education

3D Printing: 
In the classroom?

Beckatt Solutions has been bringing 3D technology to the classroom for years. We offer demos, training and sponsored events to bring safe, eco-friendly 3D printing to students.

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3D Tech Support

Looking for help? 
We’re on it!

Beckatt Solutions focuses on customer relationships as partnerships. We offer advanced technical and business support for all our 3D printers and 3D software.

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