Nexa3D XiP Pro

Nexa3D XiP Pro

Productivity Redefined

Bigger. Faster. More Powerful.

With a 19.5 L build volume, and a print speed up to 24 vertical centimeters per hour, XiP Pro can fill out its entire build volume with prints in under two hours.

Pristine, isotropic parts.

A new powerful light engine with 7K LCD provides exceptionable resolution and detail producing parts that are both beautiful and dimensionally accurate.

Industrial capacity without the footprint.

A solid billet aluminum unibody frame provides strength, durability, and z-stage stability for maximum precision and reliability, all efficiently packaged to fit in any setting.

Production made simple

From smart resin cartridges to a suite of on-board sensors that automatically optimize each print, to auto-homing, XiP Pro makes every print job a breeze.

Exceptional Detail, Accuracy & Surface Finish

Not only does XiP Pro offer outstanding speed and throughput capabilities, it boasts a cutting edge 7K resolution LCD screen resulting in a finished product that is both stunning and accurate.

Unparalleled productivity.

XiP Pro’s class-leading throughput is well… stunning. Just one XiP Pro can do the work of four of its closest competitors in the high-speed resin 3D printing category.

30+ Materials

Materials for every application and an open material platform for everything else.

From CAD to Finished Part

Speed runs in the family. Nexa3D’s family of resin 3D printers are powered by LSPc® (Lubricated Sublayer Photo-curing) technology to provide unmatched speed without compromising part quality and performance.