Raise3D RMF500 3D Printer

Raise3D RMF500 3D Printer

Fast Production of Large End-use Parts

Industrial Grade 3D Printer for Composite End-Use-Part Based on FFF Process

The RMF500 is a reliable, precise, and flexible 3D printer that produces high-performance end-use parts with repeatability, making it an excellent option for small batch manufacturing, as well as for other applications.

Power Up Your Productivity with Unwavering Consistency

Raise3D RMF500 has a build volume of 500x500x500 mm with maximum printing speed of 500 mm/s. Together with its repeatability, RMF500 is able to yield large batches or large workpiece in a highly efficient manner.

High Performance and Lightweight Fiber Reinforced Material

The RMF500 is specialized in printing complex workpieces with a high strength-to-weight ratio in a single job, using fiber-reinforced thermoplastics. Raise3D ensures performance from each filament spool, in addition to continuously expanding material choices.

Affordability Meets Quality with Our Competitive Prices

The RMF500 is designed to achieve the maximum cost-efficiency in terms of material performance vs the process cost. The effective application of material science resulted in the optimization of the system’s design with a much lower energy consumption.