Michael Storey
Michael Storey

Michael Storey

Co-Founder | Managing Partner

Michael Storey is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Beckatt Solutions, a Chicagoland-based company that specializes in additive manufacturing, commonly known as 3D printing. Michael has worked in 3D printing for over three years, and has spent that time learning the industry, the machines and the people. An expert in the world of additive manufacturing, Michael clearly has a passion for technology. “I’m extremely fortunate to be able to work in such a fascinating field,” says Michael. “What makes 3D printing so exciting is not the number of processes or the types of machines or materials, but the possibilities we can achieve. 3D printing opens up new frontiers in manufacturing, education, medicine and even space exploration.”

3D printing opens up new frontiers in manufacturing, education, medicine and even space exploration.

Michael Storey

Michael and fellow Co-Founder Matthew Pray started Beckatt Solutions in 2013 to increase the number of 3D printers available to businesses and consumers, and to expand 3D printing services and partners in the United States. Beckatt Solutions first partnered with Mcor Technologies to help achieve these aspirations, and began Mcor’s lines of paper-based and full color 3D printers. Since then, Michael and Matthew formed relationships with MakerBot Industries (a division of Stratasys) and MarkForged to begin offering their 3D printers to customers. Beckatt Solutions also has an answer for those in the design field, as a value added reseller for the 3D modeling and design software, SpaceClaim (part of ANSYS).

Michael has experience in technology and equipment sales for nearly 10 years, having previously worked for MarketSource, LLC, and specializing in Hewlett Packard. He also spent 13 years in the private club business, six of those as the Director of Membership & Marketing for a private golf and country club. Michael has degrees from Elgin Community College, Roosevelt University and an MBA from Webster University. He currently serves as the President of the Illinois Regional Alumni Association of Phi Theta Kappa, and on committees for the Elgin Area Chamber of Commerce and Food For Greater Elgin.

With his passion for innovation and early adoption, Michael helped found Beckatt Solutions with Matthew to provide answers to unique prototyping and design problems. They both work tirelessly to help companies and schools find and implement the best 3D printing technologies. Serving as one Managing Partner, Michael oversees sales and marketing, as well as design and print services.

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