Mcor Supplies

Unmatched Affordability, Office Friendly & Easy to Use

Never has 3D color modeling and printing been so affordable — a fraction of the cost of any other 3D printing technology; now, with Mcor Technologies, you can print more full color models every day.

Safe build materials, low noise level, and no toxic waste!

Supplies for IRIS & Matrix Professional Printers:
  • IRIS/Matrix cutting tips (blades)
  • IRIS/Matrix adhesive
Supplies for IRIS Professional Printers:
  • IRIS high capacity black ink cartridge
  • IRIS high capacity cyan ink cartridge
  • IRIS high capacity magenta ink cartridge
  • IRIS high capacity yellow ink cartridge
  • IRIS ink cartridges, 4 pack
Supplies for ARKe Desktop Printers:
  • ARKe cutting tips (blades)
  • ARKe adhesive
  • ARKe Optima paper
  • ARKe standard capacity black ink cartridge
  • ARKe standard capacity tri-color ink cartridge
  • ARKe Optima finishing solution
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