Mcor Orange Peel Software

Orange – Very Functional, Very Usable

With the introduction of our new Orange Peel software users will enjoy professional features that will assist with file preparation including splitting and joining files, color and texturing and file modification including smoothing, solidifying and extruding surfaces.

With the ability to open a large array of file formats, Orange Peel will fit seamlessly into any user’s workflow. The solidify tool first analyses the model’s geometry then replicates the model as one single solid shell, ready for 3D printing. So, regardless of how the 3D model is structured or how many errors it has, Orange Peel can import and convert it to something more compatible to 3D printing. In addition to this the color remains intact which is essential for full color 3D printing on our technology.


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Mcor Orange Peel Software

The User Interface (UI)

After seeing the initial designs for the ARKe – a sleek desktop with customized skins – the pressure was on to create something equally as stylish in the software. That being the case we realized that we were going to have to re-think our approach to UI design. In SliceIT, function would always drive the UI design. For Orange, we needed the best of both worlds. It needed to be very functional and very usable.

So, matching our corporate brand, Mcor Orange got the marketing treatment and has a color scheme to match! Orange, grey and blue interface with drop down menus to easily set up your projects. This also includes intuitive icons and subtle user feedback with the addition of menu highlighting i.e. the blue icon and light orange highlight of the menu when items are selected.

Model Manipulation

One of the features we really wanted to add to Orange was the ability to easily manipulate the model in the software.

In order to identify which model is selected in Orange, we added a Halo feature to part selection. Now when selected a part will always have an orange glow. We also added multiple part selection. This allows the same operation (move, scale, rotate) to be applied to each part at the same time.

Another major addition is the ability to control model manipulations with the mouse. Using only the mouse you can select, scale, move and rotate a part.

Integrated Inkjet Printing

Mcor ARKe has integrated 2D printing which uses the latest generation of inkjet head technology. This provides perfect image alignment each time leading to photorealistic, accurate models. And so, the development team had to adjust the software so it prepared the model in a way to leverage this technical advantage.

Slicing Speed

The ARKe can run without being connected to a PC or Mac which means that the software could no longer stream layer by layer and instead needed to package everything into a single file.

So, we undertook a redesign of the entire slicing process and now Orange outputs all the motions and color images for each layer and places them into a single file.

As a result, the image processing is now faster! In addition, because the memory footprint required for the slicing operation is reduced Orange can now process much larger parts.

File Handling

The new Mcor Orange has larger file handling ability and we can print from a variety of file formats including – STL, OBJ, VRML, DAE and 3MF.

PC/MAC compatibility

Orange is PC and MAC compatible – this is an important feature as we are keen to address a broader audience including creative professionals.

Available in several languages

Mcor Orange will be available in several languages including – German, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese. This is to facilitate demand in all parts of the world and judging from our pre-order book this really will be necessary!

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