Mcor ColourIT Software

3D Print in Full Color

The ability to 3D print in full color enables you to more clearly communicate your design intent, produce realistic prototypes for sales and marketing and enable applications where color is critical, such as consumer products, GIS, architecture, entertainment, and medical modeling. ColourIT lets you to easily enhance your 3D data files with color, texture maps, engineering labels, logos and more, by applying them directly to the surface of your 3D model.

Used in conjunction with Mcor’s SliceIT software, which slices the computer model into printable layers and enables parts to be positioned within the printer’s build chamber, ColourIT applies color to the 3D digital files prior to slicing them in SliceIT. ColourIT is compatible with numerous file formats, including, STL, WRL, OBJ, 3DS, FBX, DAE and PLY. After the color is applied, the model is exported as a WRL file, which is then imported into SliceIT for preparation for 3D printing on the Mcor IRIS. ColourIT can also check file integrity to ensure the 3D model is a waterproof manifold.


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Mcor ColourIT Software

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