Desktop Metal Software – Fabricate™

A Software-controlled Workflow from Digital Model to Sintered Part

Fabricate™ applies expert metallurgy and automates metal 3D printing-making it easy to print complex metal parts with the Studio System™.

Fabricate simplifies model prep and automates metal 3D printing, making it easy for anyone to produce complex metal parts with the Studio System.

  Simplified Metal 3D Printing
Fabricate takes the guesswork out of metal 3D printing. It simplifies model prep and automates even the most challenging aspects of the fabrication process, making it easy to produce complex metal parts in-house with the Studio System.

  Expert Metallurgy Built-in
Integrated with intelligence from world-leading material scientists and 3D printing professionals, Fabricate applies expert metallurgy at every step in the process and optimizes fabrication to render high-quality metal parts.

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Desktop Metal Software - Fabricate™

Key Features

Accepts native CAD files

1. Accepts native CAD files

Move easily from CAD to model prep with the ability to upload several different files-including STL, IGES, JT, STEP, VDA-FS, U3D, VRML, and several native files.

Auto-generated Separable Supports™

2. Auto-generated Separable Supports™

The software auto-generates advanced support structures and a ceramic interface layer to enable Separable Supports™.

Live tracking & alerts

3. Live tracking & alerts

Track parts as they move through fabrication. Fabricate monitors supply levels and notifies users if there is an issue before initiating the cycle.

Interactive toolpath preview

4. Interactive toolpath preview

Using the layer-by-layer toolpath previews, users can view each component of the part’s internal structure.

Multi-device management

5. Multi-device management

Accessible by any web browser, Fabricate runs on a secure, cloud-based platform to enable automatic updates, multi-device management, and remote support.

Custom fabrication plans

6. Custom fabrication plans

Based on geometry and material, Fabricate optimizes part placement and applies custom debind and sintering profiles for all parts within the job.


Fabricate™ at a Glance


At the core of the Studio System™

Fabricate™ delivers a seamless workflow for printing metal parts with the first office-friendly metal 3D printing system.