Desktop Metal Software – Fab Flow™

Effortless Workflow Management for Additive Fabrication Shops

Fab Flow™ moves job tracking out of spreadsheets and emails into one centralized platform – streamlining workflows and giving your shop a professional interface.

Designed for busy fabrication shops, Fab Flow brings communications and workflow management into a single platform. Now, shop managers have the necessary visibility and control to improve operations across the shop floor.

Fab Flow eliminates false starts and wasted time with automatic print issue detection and collaborative design communication tools.

Managers can regain control of shop operations with customizable price quoting, bespoke fabrication flows, and a fully branded user experience.

Live floor tracking allows managers to view job progress, identify underutilized resources and avoid backlogs while designers can track parts in real time.

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Desktop Metal Software - Fab Flow™

Key Features

Custom shop configuration

Fab Flow is a completely white-labeled solution built to conform to your shop’s needs. With customizable part types and process flows, managers can visualize exactly how the shop floor operates — building a unique picture of all equipment and processes on the shop floor.

Instant, comprehensive quoting

Comprehensive quotes are instantly generated based on the customer’s part geometry and support structure, material, print technology, and any associated overhead costs—allowing customers to quickly assess costs without waiting for a response from the shop manager.

Streamlined part ordering

Shop managers can provide internal customers with a simple ordering interface, which reflects the shop’s equipment, technologies, and processes. This enables accurate price quoting, automated print-ability analysis, and delivery estimates for ordered parts.

Live job tracking

The shop dashboard provides a consolidated view of the shop floor, allowing managers to track all active parts and requests through process flows, providing a clear view of where the shop is busy or idle.

Interactive model viewer

Fab Flow includes an easy-to-use 3D model viewer for designers that supports up to 14 different file formats with tools for cross-sectioning, measuring, version and differential tracking, and much more.

Contextualized model communication

Designers and shop managers can iterate and provide feedback on part designs via the 3D model viewer using a built-in suite of features geared towards streamlined communication including controlled model sharing, 3D snapshots, comments, and more.


Fab Flow™ at a Glance