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MakerBot Offers Exclusive Technologies That Have a Dramatic Effect on Prototype Strength and Print Times

Tough PLA: Strong, Resilient Prototyping

For tougher prototypes, MakerBot’s Tough PLA offers designers a true engineering material: perfect for creating durable, high-impact strength prototypes and fixtures. It’s a resilient and “tough” plastic that mimics and even outperforms many of the mechanical properties of ABS while offering the safety and reliability PLA.


Tough PLA resists and deforms where PLA would otherwise fracture, making it ideal for drilling and threading.

Engineers at Local Motors Use Tough PLA for High Impact Prototypes

“We like Tough PLA because we can thread directly into the part and mount other components to it,” explains Local Motors Mechanical Engineer, Tony Rivera. “In the time it would have taken to order a metal part and have it shipped here, we already finished the entire project.”


This threaded Tough PLA gear prototype withstands high tension when mounted on an assembly.


Under a tensile load, MakerBot Tough PLA deforms elastically and returns to its original shape before hitting peak strength. Beyond this peak, Tough PLA exhibits a very long plastic deformation range that outperforms ABS. These mechanical properties make Tough PLA ideal for prototyping functional features like living hinges, snap fits, interlocking parts, and threads.

MinFill: Faster, Smarter Support Material

Not all prints need to be durable, dense, or heavy. When surface quality and print speed are more important, MinFill offers breakneck speed .

MinFill – short for “minimum infill” – is an intelligent algorithm capable of determining the absolute minimum amount of support needed for the inside of any 3D print. Based on our testing, MinFill prints 30% faster using 30% less filament on average.


MinFill print time versus typical patterned infill.


MinFill saves exponentially more time for models with a high volume to surface area ratio.

For models with a large internal volume, like a sphere or cylinder, MinFill prints up to 80% faster. If you’re sprinting through product development or racing to market, that means faster early concept modeling and more iterations in less than half the time.

Whether you’re looking to expedite 3D printing times or create resilient, machinable prototypes, MakerBot has a solution for you. Discover how MakerBot technology can benefit you – learn more.