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With automatic version control, real-time fleet management and cloud-based collaboration, Eiger is the world’s most advanced 3D printing software. Designed from the ground up to make manufacturing simpler, Eiger enables you to print plastic, metal and composite parts straight from your browser. “Turbo Print” – coming soon – is an Eiger add-on that will enables you to get the parts you want dramatically faster with no loss of surface quality or resolution.



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Markforged Eiger Software

Organize, Reinforce and Optimize Prints from Anywhere

3D printing with composite fiber is as much about the software as it is about the unique technology of the printers. The Markforged Eiger software is both powerful and easy to use in your browser, importing your drawing and slicing it for high strength printing.

High-strength 3D composite printing requires innovative smart software. Easily control the strength and quality of your prints with Eiger, our intelligent, online platform. Whether you have one printer or many, organize, collaborate and invent in one integrated system.

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Markforged Eiger Software

Production-Ready Printer Management

Eiger adds selective fiber reinforcement to your part for 3D printing on a Markforged machine. Through powerful fiber routing and slicing intelligence, the software is easy to use for any engineer but allows for a granular level of control when needed. Eiger’s free cloud-based platform is suited for institutions of any size, whether they have one printer or one hundred.

Real-Time Monitoring

Eiger gives you the power to manage your network of Markforged printers and prints in one place. Oversee your print activity and capacity whether you have one or twenty printers.

Innovate, right from your Desktop

On-premise Eiger software option is now available (i.e. available now on desktop). Mobile monitoring coming soon.

  Coming Soon!

Markforged Turbo Print

  • Turbo Print is another first for Markforged Onyx customers, available through our Eiger software.
  • Combining innovations in material delivery and software, Turbo Print enables you to get the parts you want dramatically faster with no loss of surface quality or resolution.
  • 2x Average Speed Increase, 100 micron Layer Height

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